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Trevor Gunn: Medical Technology in Medical Tourism

Trevor Gunn is the Managing Director of International Relations for Medtronic, the largest medical technology company on the planet with a deep understanding of universal healthcare challenges.

Mr. Gunn has a distinct perspective on certain populations and their healthcare across developed and developing countries. He is passionate about issues of equal access to healthcare. In this interview he offers realistic and insightful thoughts about the role of medical technologies helping to increase levels of access to necessary healthcare.

Mr. Gunn is adamant about the need for better measurements in comparing healthcare systems from one country to the next. The drive to improve the balance of medical technology distribution may help to standardize healthcare across the globe. He says that more standard measures in medical care may encourage the harmonization of accreditations. This will give consumers a more reliable way of comparing healthcare options.

“The role of medical technology is adjunctive, and in this regard the technology itself is neutral, ” says Mr. Gunn in relation to medical technology in medical travel.

Countries with still developing economies around the world are home to 80% of the world’s population of people with non-communicable diseases. Mr. Gunn points out that the citizens of these countries are not traveling to other, more developed nations to access healthcare. Situations like this prove that national borders become barriers to cross-border healthcare and access to wellness.


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