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Dr. How Kim Chuan: Imperial Dental Specialist Centre

Dato' Dr. How Kim Chuan, managing director of Imperial Dental Specialist Centre, and his staff provide high quality services with a focus on tender loving care, that distinguish the clinic from other dental tourism destinations.

Patient’s travel from all over the world to receive high quality, affordable dental care from Imperial Dental Specialist Centre. Due to its geographical location, 60% patients are from Australia and New Zealand. The second most patient population is the Southeast Asian region. The dental practice also serves Europeans, mostly from England, Netherlands and Germany. Some patients come from as far away as the United States and Canada.

Imperial Dental is the leading orthodontic and implant center in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It has become an award winning dental tourism destination because of the positive attitude, skills, and empathy of its staff.

The primary source for attracting new patients is through word of mouth referrals. The outstanding quality of work performed by Dr. How and his team leads to patients recommending the clinic to friends and family. The clinic's website and Facebook page are also great sources for potential patients to learn more about the services available.

"We position ourselves as a market leader and specialty center," says Dr. How. "We offer 24-hour online service and a 24-hour response time guarantee from in house dentists who will be ready to answer every single inquiry."

When looking to hire new staff members, the high standard of customer service is the number one factor that Imperial Dental considers. Qualifications and experience of a prospective staff member is of course a key consideration, but Dr. How looks for individuals who will contribute to the clinic's unique culture and customer service focus.

"At Imperial we focus on serving the people. So every staff member we recruit must have a positive attitude that they are here to serve [and please] the customer. They are passionate about creating a beautiful smile for everybody," says Dr. How.

The staff has a deep appreciation for various cultures and understands different aesthetic expectations of dental travelers from around the world. Dr. How recognizes that a Chinese patient will expect their teeth to look vastly different than what an American or German patient will expect. Most patients speak English, but in case of a language barrier the clinic has staff members and translators that can converse in a wide range of languages.

Dr. How says, "The very well informed patients in the market will always come back to us, even after they research. Because our price is reasonable and they have seen many testimonials and are satisfied that our patients are happy. They are pleased that we always offer free online consultation with a 24-hour reply policy. This instills confidence in patients."

While at the clinic for dental work, patients will often inquire about other facial and body procedures. Imperial Dental is partnered with top-notch boutique medical aesthetic center-Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre to provide a total aesthetic care package.

Imperial Dental’s corporate slogan "Your Smile is our utmost concern" has proven to be true with the growing number of satisfied customers and numerous Medical Travel Awards. The clinic has been named the 2014 International Dental Clinic of the Year, 2015 International Dental Clinic of the Year, 2015 Best Quality Initiative of the Year, and 2015 Highly Commended for Travel Website of the Year.


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