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Training for Hotels, Resorts, and Spas

VIP Hospitality for Health Travelers

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The numbers of health travelers – individuals with disabilities, older travelers requiring assistance with mobility, people with food allergies or chronic medical conditions as well as people accessing dental and medical services – are growing exponentially.


This growth in the market is challenging hotels, resorts, and spas to offer more services while protecting their work force from potentially harmful situations. Prepare your team to welcome health travelers and to successfully meet their needs.


Our training program ensures that your staff is prepared to deliver the VIP services demanded by this welcome group of travelers.

Hotel, resort, wellness center and spa guests are requesting specialized services and amenities.


Many service providers attract health travelers as a way to increase revenues by diversifying and expanding their client base by offering specialized services to guests before, during, and after they receive health, dental, or medical treatment.


These medical tourists require changes to customer care that are distinct from the services offered to the typical vacation or business guests.

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Learn more about our training programs specifically designed for Hospitality Professionals:

A training program for hotel, resort, and spa management and staff 


Healthy Hospitality™: All the basics of how to keep your staff and your customers safer and healthier

Find out how Medical Tourism Training can help you.

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