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Medical Tourism Certification for Governments

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Governments are actively involved with the private and public sector to promote wellness and health, dental and medical services within their borders. Protecting the public as well as ensuring the best standards possible is the role of government especially when inviting nationals from other countries to purchase these services.


The image of the country is at stake so delivering a VIP customer service experience along each link of the Customer Care Continuum™ is a matter of national pride. Setting standards for the individuals and organizations involved in the medical tourism sector should be part of the strategy to grow the industry.

Medical Tourism Training will work with you to develop training programs for:

  • Customs and immigration officers

  • Transportation providers such as taxi and bus drivers

  • Hotels, resorts, and spas

  • Facilitators and Patient Care Coordinators

  • Healthcare providers

  • Other service providers that interact with medical travelers


Training programs can be designed to meet your specific needs and may include:

  • Customer service skills

  • Cross-cultural training

  • Developing patient services

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Governments are ultimately responsible for the quality of the tourism and medical tourism experience offered within their borders. Medical Tourism Certification programs can help to ensure that the overall experience is one that will have people returning again and again.

Contact us today to discuss how Medical Tourism Training can develop a program to work for you.

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