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Medical Tourism Consulting Services For Governments

What are the necessary ingredients for a successful wellness, health, medical, and accessible travel destination?

City Lights

Governments see wellness, health, medical, and accessible travel as attractive investments potential return on investment including foreign currency, destination brand enhancement, and more. Before tax dollars are spent on these sectors, many questions need to be asked and answered correctly through a comprehensive, realistic, and practical feasibility study:

  • Is such investment of public funds reasonable and wise?

  • How much money should be invested and how should it be spent?

  • What is the role of government in growing the private sector?

  • How can public hospitals and health services be protected for the general population?

  • Should health travel be the sole domain of the private sector?

Governments around the world have answered these questions in a variety of ways. Those answers have led to a few successes, but many more disappointments as precious funds were spent disappointing results. When those disappointments result in the unwise expenditure of taxpayer monies, the consequences for governments and the people they serve can be severe.

Our experienced teams of experts in the fields of health, hospitals, human resources, and hospitality can set the course that is right for your country, region, city, or area to:

  • Research and problem solve

  • Create strategies and develop tactics

  • Develop clusters and cooperative partnerships

  • Work across sectors

  • Balance cooperation and competition

  • Educate and train

  • And more

From Above

Medical Tourism Training Success Stories

Put our team to work for you. Click on the links below to read the case studies about some of our government projects that have included:

  • A national resource assessment and economic development plan for the Philippines

  • A national medical tourism marketing plan for Colombia

  • A market research project for the government of Poland

  • A public relations campaign for Korea (KHIDI)

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you succeed in the world of international medical travel.

Find out how Medical Tourism Training can help your Government develop a Medical Tourism Program

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