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Medical Tourism Training Services For Hospitals and Clinics

Whether looking to improve the knowledge and skills of its public employees or investing in the private sector, Medical Tourism Training offers training options to deliver the competitive advantage in international health travel.


Medical Tourism Training is the first and only training company dedicated to the medical travel sector. Our goal is to deliver the skills and knowledge needed to increase access to all types of health and wellness, dental and medical services to as many people as possible throughout the world. Drawing on a team of course developers and trainers who have extensive experience in healthcare, hospitality, hospital administration and human resources, our training focuses on practical skills needed to deliver a superior patient and customer experience.

Select the option that works best for you. Training programs are available in three formats:

  • Online – Online, on-demand, self-guided study

  • On-site - workshops and seminars

  • Blended – a combination of online, on-site, and virtual  

Training programs can be designed to meet the needs of your particular department or organization.


Medical Tourism Training has the team to research, develop, produce, and host on-line and on-site programs with your logo and created per your specifications.

Online Meeting

Invest in your most valuable asset – your people. Contact us today to secure the training program that will deliver the results you want.

Don’t think you need to invest in your employees? Read the article in our Resources section, “What happens if you don’t train employees and they stay?” to discover how poorly trained employees hurt your organization.

Find out how Medical Tourism Training can help you.

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