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Ed McCarthy, Vice President of International Business at Partners Healthcare International (PHI), has a distinct perspective on the role of global brands in international healthcare marketing. The array of high-value brands such as Harvard teaching affiliates Massachusetts General Hospital, Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, in his portfolio, helps Mr. McCarthy understand the appeal of high profile institutions around the world.


In this interview, McCarthy discusses the recent rise of medical travel to the United States, and the role that world-renowned medical brands play in this situation. He touches on how these high-profile brands are helping to attract patients, families and referring physicians. Brands like PHI are also assisting consumers in overcoming barriers like distance, the high cost of healthcare in the U.S., and the difficulty of obtaining a visa.


Mr. McCarthy sees a future of shifting patterns in international healthcare travel, as China emerges as an economic powerhouse and a large source of consumers seeking the highest quality of medical care. In medical travel, both into and out of the United States, the brand of the destination and of the provider are both crucial to attracting patients.



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