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Medical Travel Show

International health and medical travel pioneers Elizabeth Ziemba and Irving Stackpole have joined forces with UR Business Network, a dynamic distributor of Internet content to develop, produce and distribute “The Medical Travel Show“. Listen to what global thought leaders in the international health, medical and wellness sectors have to say from the list of free podcasts.


International medical travel is important for many reasons – economic, clinical, ethical, legal and educational to name just a few. Our show delves into all of these issues to create vigorous dialogue among healthcare providers, governments, governmental agencies, accrediting agencies, universities and educators as well as patients and consumers. Tune in!

Dr. How Kim Chuan: Imperial Dental Specialist Centre

Dato' Dr. How Kim Chuan, managing director of Imperial Dental Specialist Centre, and his staff provide high quality services with a focus on tender loving care, that distinguish the clinic from other dental tourism destinations.   Patient’s travel from all over the world to receive high quality, affordable dental care from Imperial Dental Specialist Centre. Due to its geographical location, 60% [...]

Liz Clark: Leading Improved Emergency Services at KIMS, Kerala

Elizabeth G. Clark, a Hospital Analyst for Kerala Institute of Medical Science (KIMS) in Thiruvananthapuram, India, leads multiple projects for the improvement of patient services, and heads the development of training for emergency medicine services for hospitals in India.  KIMS is a 600 bed multidisciplinary hospital that offers specialty services at affordable costs. Four years ago the hospital [...]

Joyce Alumno: Raising Standards, Medical Travel in the Philippines

Joyce Alumno’s career in hospitality morphed into a career in medical tourism after a personal experience with a private hospital. Ten-years ago Joyce began caring for her father in a private hospital. During her fathers stay, she observed many areas of the hospital’s non-clinical care that needed improvement.   At the time, Joyce was managing a 5-star [...]

Dr. Andy Garman: Global Healthcare Leadership and Innovation

  Dr. Andy Garman is the CEO of the National Center for Healthcare Leadership, and also a Professor of Health Systems Management at Rush University. Dr. Garman believes global healthcare is an arena for management, leadership, and innovation to mesh together and grow.  Along with his colleague at Rush University, Tricia Johnson, Professor Garman was the recipient of [...]

Elizabeth Boultbee: When Supply and Demand Don’t Match

Elizabeth Boultbee, founder and principle of Boultbee & Co. Ltd., works to develop strategies for international patient referrals for doctors and hospitals in the UK.   In this interview, Ms. Boultbee covers a wide range of medical tourism topics, including supply and demand of services. Specifically, she discusses the supply and demand in the Middle East, and how these [...]

Ed McCarthy: The Reach of “Blue Chip” Brands Across the Globe

  Ed McCarthy, Vice President of International Business at Partners Healthcare International (PHI), has a distinct perspective on the role of global brands in international healthcare marketing. The array of high-value brands such as Harvard teaching affiliates Massachusetts General Hospital, Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, in his portfolio, helps Mr. McCarthy understand the appeal of [...]

Pramod Goel: Global Medical Tourism Facilitators

Among the most successful global medical tourism facilitators in the world, is PlacidWay, a leader in spreading information about and options for international healthcare. Pramod Goel, CEO of PlacidWay has developed a network of over 250 medical centers in more than 30 countries worldwide.   Mr. Goel became involved with medical travel because he wanted to better understand [...]

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Cathy Turvill: Passion Drives Success in Wellness Tourism

  Cathy Turvill is the owner of Nurture Wellness Village, a popular destination Spa in Tagaytay City, Philippines. Her desire for a place of health, wellness, and relaxation, led to the creation of Nurture Wellness Village. She calls it serendipitous that her passion turned into a successful business.   It wasn’t just passion that turned a four-person spa [...]

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Dr. Jacob Thomas: Medical Tourism in Malaysia

  Dr. Jacob Thomas, the President of the Association of Private Hospitals in Malaysia, transitioned into the world of medical tourism naturally, due to his involvement in the healthcare industry since the early 70’s.   When an influx of people from neighboring countries began traveling to Malaysian hospitals, private hospitals decided to make it easy for these visitors [...]

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Patients Voice: Experiencing Dental Care in Los Algodones, Mexico

After receiving a very costly quote for dental work, Carol and Ken Purves* of British Columbia, Canada, contacted Dental Departures for assistance in finding high quality, affordable healthcare in Mexico.   Friends of the Purves that live in Arizona during the winter told them about dental care they received in Los Algodones, just 11 miles from Yuma, Arizona. [...]

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Laszlo Puczko: Intersection of Medical and Wellness Tourism

  Even for experts in medical and wellness tourism, like Dr. Laszlo Puczko, the distinction between the two sectors is not clear. Dr. Puczko is the managing director of Resources for Leisure Assets, a consultancy based in Budapest. He also founded the Tourism Observatory for Health, Wellness and Spa, a global intelligence resource for the health travel industry. [...]

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Patients Voice: Traveling US to Mexico for Dental Care

  Dental Departures patient, Ashley Oulette, combined a family vacation with an opportunity to receive high quality dental care at an affordable cost. After hearing the shocking amount that her family’s dental work would cost at a local Florida dentist, Ms. Oulette began researching other possibilities.   Ashley had heard about people traveling to other countries for less [...]

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