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Option 2: Building an Outstanding International Patient Department, On-line Course Plus Instructor Feedback


Want to create or improve an international patient department? Let “Welcoming the World: Building an Outstanding International Patient Department” guide you step-by-step.


Developed by experts in the medical tourism sector, this comprehensive program delivers content based on real-world experience and international best practices. Case studies, and sample documents are included in this practical guide covering staffing, department systems and processes, invoicing and billing, admissions and discharges, and superior customer service. Build and improve an outstanding international patient department starting today!

Welcoming the World® is designed for healthcare providers of all sizes from small to large such as:


  • Dental offices
  • Cosmetic surgery clinics
  • Doctor’s offices
  • Hospitals


The Welcoming the World® course delivers information, best business practices, case studies, and sample documents to lead you through each component of an international patient department including:


  • Staffing
  • Infrastructure
  • Billing
  • Admissions & Discharge
  • Post-discharge follow up


Welcoming the World® helps you staff your international patient department with the right people with the right skills who have the systems and procedures in place to deliver services from start to finish while ensuring that those services are billed for properly.


Our course comes in different shapes and sizes just like health care organizations. Choose from one of our four options.


Opt 2: Building an Outstanding International Patient Department, Online Course

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