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The New Medical Tourism—an insider’s view

Let’s say you want to go on a trip. Maybe Costa Rica for some eco-touring. Let’s also say that your teeth are in bad shape, having been neglected through the COVID years. You’ve heard that Costa Rica offers excellent dental care at very affordable prices and figure, why not combine them? That right there is medical tourism—a general term that might include

dental, cosmetic, wellness and other healthcare services pursued abroad. In the last decade, medical tourism has evolved to become so much more, says Elizabeth Ziemba, President and Founder of Medical Tourism Training. Today, governments and healthcare businesses around the world are retooling with innovative technologies and procedures to offer more services. The ultimate goal is to capture tourists’ healthcare dollars in what has become an increasingly competitive industry. In our interview below, Ziemba describes the new trends in medical tourism and what it could mean for you if you’re thinking about venturing abroad for care.

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