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Fred Maahs Jr. joins the consulting team at Medical Tourism Training

Exploring the synergies between Accessible Travel and Medical Tourism

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Twitter: @MedTourTraining

Newport, RI, August 23, 2022: Medical Tourism Training is pleased to announce that Mr. Fred Maahs Jr. has joined its team to provide consulting and training services.

Fred founded Maahs Travels in 2021 to focus on making travel and tourism more accessible. His services include providing accessibility, diversity, and inclusion training as well as defining market potential and strategies to attract more people to global destinations. Mr. Maahs has worked with governments, airports and airlines, hotels and travel destinations in the Caribbean, Dubai, Jordan, Portugal, the UK, Israel, and the United States. His portfolio of clients is continually expanding to address accessibility solutions in Asia and South America. Also, Fred is a partner and Chief Operating Officer of Travel for All, a company that provides global, accessible, and inclusive travel experiences tailored to the unique needs of each traveler. Fred is Editor of Mélange Accessibility for All magazine. He served on then President-Elect Joe Biden’s Disability Policy Committee. The relationship between the two companies has a natural connection.

Medical Tourism Training offers its consulting and training services to a wide audience of public and private sector individuals and entities engaged in health travel. Many, if not most, of those travelers have a temporary or permanent disability that may be related to the purpose of seeking medical treatment outside their usual residence. Medical tourists need and consume many of the same services utilized by persons with disabilities such as those provided by Travel for All.