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Caught in Conflict: The Ukraine Crisis & Medical Travel

Caught in Conflict: The Ukraine Crisis & Medical Travel panel discussion hosted by Medical Tourism Training and Stackpole & Associates on Tuesday, March, 22, 2022.

The panelists:

- Patricia Montealegre, International Patient Services at Sant Joan de Deu Children’s Hospital Barcelona Spain

- Dr. Sinan Aran, Director International Program and Florence Nightingale Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey

- Christian Fadi El-Khouri, MESC International Patient Service, Hamburg Germany

-Talip Kurumehmet, International Patient Services Department, Medipol Health Group, Turkey

Facilitated by Elizabeth Ziemba of Medical Tourism Training and Irving Stackpole, Stackpole & Associates. This panel discussion covered the issues for medical travelers and their families, and offered insights and suggestions based on personal practical experience.

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