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Afraid to take a sick day? You are not alone.

There are various reasons why people go to work when they are sick. Do you recognize any of these reasons when you go to work when you should stay home? Do you want a better understanding of your employees’ attitudes towards missing work?

These are common reasons why people do not take sick days:

  • Not wanting to burden colleagues with additional work.

  • The organization makes it difficult to take any time off at all.

  • The fear of the “mountain of work” waiting upon return.

  • Loss of income. Contingent or part-time workers may not get any sick days or paid time off.

  • Working parents “save” their sick days to use for other people including when their children get sick, a spouse or partner is ill, or to care for an aging parent.

  • A self-diagnosis- right or wrong- that the employee is not sick enough to take time off.

  • In tough job markets, an employee may fear losing the job.

  • Being viewed negatively by bosses & co-workers.

Each of these reasons can result in positive or negative consequences. Some of these fears can be dispelled by an organization with improvement to its systems and policies that may encourage presenteeism. Employee attitudes that are inaccurate or unfounded and can be changed with clear communication from management that leads by words and example.

Would you like to survey your workforce to learn about its attitudes and perceptions about missing work? We can help. Contact us to explore your options.

Of course, prevention is worth a pound of cure. Learn more about the Healthy Hospitality program to keep customers, employees, and their families healthy.


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