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Medical Tourism Clusters, Healthcare Clusters, and Medical Hubs

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Models for Economic Development


The stampede to “form” wellness, health, and medical travel clusters has taken on a sense of urgency over the past few years fueled by the rise in international health travel, the desire for countries or regions to develop their healthcare sectors, and hype about the “easy” revenues to be generated by clusters.

Our workshops put together all the pieces for essential for success

Successful clusters are complex organisms that cross industry and political boundaries. True clusters are demarcated, defined, organized, governed, and grown in ways that are separate and distinct from other models such as informal healthcare hubs or medical tourism associations. Clusters require a commitment of time, financial resources, and leadership that are much more substantial than hubs or associations. Is a well, health travel, or medical tourism cluster model the best option for you?

Experience, knowledge, and expertise direction needed to compete

Clusters challenge sector leaders and competitors to work together for common goals while maintaining individuality for success. Long term thinking, planning, and cooperation are required to maximize the strength and continued focus of clusters.

Creating a viable strategy, developing, and implementing a cluster plan designed for success requires experience, knowledge, and expertise that the Medical Tourism Training team offers to its clients. Our affordable one- or two-day workshops, tailored to your cluster’s stage of development, current issues or obstacles, and cultural climate provide practical yet innovative solutions to your business problems.

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For every stage of cluster development


Workshops are designed for cluster at every stage of development:

  • Exploring options to create a healthcare cluster or other model for economic development

  • Ready to move forward with a medical tourism cluster or health cluster

  • Facing an obstacle or barrier that is preventing growth of your existing cluster or hub

  • Considering refreshing or relaunching a cluster that has not reached its goals or potential

Our team of experts can help you find affordable, practical solutions to these complex challenges. Why wait? Please contact Medical Tourism Training today.

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For an in-depth review of the topic, download the free white paper titled “Dimensions of Medical Tourism Clusters” by using the form below.

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Learn from our experience creating the medical tourism road map for the Philippines. Find out how Medical Tourism Training can help you.

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