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More Information About Success Essentials

You have experience as a medical tourism facilitator or patient care coordinator – do you have the other building blocks of success?

Adult Education Course

Working with patients and healthcare providers requires a complex set of skills needed in today’s competitive international medical and dental tourism markets. Busy professionals need access to high quality content from leading experts who share their first-hand experiences. “Success Essentials” is designed to meet those needs.

The two-day “Success Essentials” training from Medical Tourism Training will:

  • Improve your patients’ experience

  • Improve staff / team morale & loyalty

  • Increase patient loyalty

  • Enhance the brand of your hospital, clinic, or organization

  • Differentiate your practice / organization

  • Increase efficiency of your team, increasing profits

  • Build Word of Mouth marketing

  • Improve your reputation in your local area

  • Broaden your scope of knowledge about medical tourism

What is it?

The two-day Success Essentials course covers knowledge, skills and systems such as:

  • Customer service and logistics;

  • Care management - privacy and data security & case management basics;

  • Risk management for patients, providers, and businesses; and;

  • Business management - marketing, websites and social media.


Success Essentials is a lively, interactive workshop -style, immersion learning experience that will measurably improve the knowledge and skills of each participant. To enhance learning, the course is offered in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Couple Checking In

Your Experience + Success Essentials =
Your Formula for Success

Hotel Room

Who Should Participate?

The Success Essentials program is designed for participants, hosts, and sponsors including:

  • Hospitals, clinics, dental & orthodontics services, and other healthcare providers

  • Medical tourism and healthcare travel facilitators

  • Travel & hospitality professionals

  • Health insurance professionals & third-party administrators

  • Case managers

How Do We Get Started?

Contact Medical Tourism Training today to learn about the ways that your practice, hospital, clinic or organization can host or sponsor the Success Essentials training. Explore the training and business development ingredients that can be added to your success formula.

Host Success Essentials for Your Team

Take the lead in your area, and host Success Essentials, or another of Medical Tourism Training’s on-site training and business development programs exclusively for your team. When you bring the worldwide expertise of the Medical Tourism Training’s team into your marketplace area, you make a bold and unmistakable statement about you and your organization’s leadership in this exciting industry!

To host Success Essentials or another on-site training program for your team:

  • Provide or coordinate the location for the training program; this is often a conference or meeting room

  • Arrange travel & lodgings in cooperation with us

  • Schedule the day/days for our trainers to be on-site

Medical Tourism Training provides the trainer(s) and all of the materials, information sheets, and certificates. We coordinate the travel arrangements and other logistics with you.

Sponsor Success Essentials FOR A WIDER AUDIENCE

Bring the global expertise of Medical Tourism Training, the first dedicated training organization in the sector, into your area so that your organization and others can benefit from their experience and expertise.

To sponsor Success Essentials or another on-site training program:

  • Identify other interested organizations & recruit their support

  • Coordinate local site learning environment and logistics for as many participants as you believe will attend; this is often a classroom or meeting room in a hotel other facility

  • Arrange travel & local lodging for the trainer(s) in cooperation with us

  • Schedule the day/days for MTT trainers to be on-site

  • Promote & communicate about the event in the local marketplace area

  • Coordinate enrollment and attendance with local participants

  • Oversee registration


The MTT team provides the trainer(s) and all of the supplemental materials including Certificates of Participation for attendees.

This inclusive training and business development approach is particularly effective when offered in conjunction with a medical travel related conference; wherever a medical tourism or wellness “cluster” is being developed; or when it is convenient for the sponsor(s).Contact us today to discuss how we can work together to deliver the training program, Success Essentials.

Learn how a successful bariatric surgeon in Mexico hosted a training session for his entire staff to ensure they are ready to care for more patients as his business continues to grow.

Find out how Medical Tourism Training can help you.

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