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Healthy Hospitality™ Program

Welcome to Healthy Hospitality™!

If there is anything we have learned from the recent ups and downs of business, it is the importance of staying healthy, especially in the hospitality sector. Coming into close, physical contact with our employees and customers is at the very heart of what we do. Protecting and reassuring both staff and customers has taken on greater meaning and responsibility.

That is why we created Healthy Hospitality™.

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Learn More about Healthy Hospitality 

For all the training, coaching, and mentoring you do with your staff, do you know how to instill the behaviors that control the nasty little microorganisms that create sickness leading to business disruption?


Too often the answer is no!

Here in this Healthy Hospitality™ program, you will find all the basics of how to keep your staff and your customers safer and healthier.

When your staff know the basics of delivering healthy hospitality, they will be more confident and relaxed, improving their interactions with your customers. From contact with your staff, customers may also learn a technique or two about staying healthier. Customers will be calmer and deeply appreciative of your thoughtfulness and concern for their well-being.

The on-going healthcare challenges are showing us how important health is to everyone. This program is a major contribution to that effort.

Download one of our brochures:
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How the Healthy Hospitality™ Program Works

How the Healthy Hospitality™ Program Works

Health Hospitality™ is an online, on-demand, self-guided six module training program that delivers the “how” and “why” of hygiene best practices. With its easy-to-understand language and clear step-by-step guidance, owners, managers, and employees can learn the proper methods and behaviors to keep staff and customers safer and healthier. Prepared by public health and travel experts specifically for the hospitality sector, Healthy Hospitality™ delivers the essential knowledge to reduce the sharing of unwanted germs.


The six topics covered are:

  1. Germs, germs, germs! Let’s stop spreading them.

  2. Hand washing. Keep it clean.

  3. Masks: Who is that masked hero? You!

  4. Social distancing. Keeping germs away!

  5. Achoo! Cough and sneeze etiquette.

  6. Disposable gloves: On, Off, and Out Safely

All six of the modules contain:

  • Learning objectives

  • Narrated content

  • Visually rich, diverse images

  • Short quizzes

  • Brief Knowledge Check

  • Navigation controls to view previous or next slides

  • Downloadable & printable Infographics

  • Glossary

As new employees join the team, the onboarding process is simplified by the on-demand access feature to the Healthy Hospitality™ program. This easy-to-deliver program ensures continuing professional development programs for the team at your organization.

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Why Health Hospitality™?

Why Health Hospitality™?

Ensuring the health and safety of staff and customers is the job of every organization. It is a legal responsibility, an ethical duty, and a smart business practice.

In developing this program, we have used the most authoritative resources to explain to everyone on your team, reliably, correctly, and simply, invaluable information and tools to stay healthier including:

  • Types of germs and the different ways they spread

  • When and how to properly wear a face mask (I have a lot of critique about how to properly wear a face mask-most people don’t)

  • Handwashing techniques including sanitizers

  • (Re)learning how to cough and sneeze

  • The importance of social distancing

  • How and when to wear disposable gloves including how to don/doff them correctly

A Turnkey Solution

Here is what the World Travel and Tourism Council recommends as part of its “Safe Travels” program:

“Hotels should train staff to prepare and execute on operational plans by creating and implementing staff protocols and guidelines, Code of Conduct, or list of expected behavior for staff and operations and training staff regarding infection control, physical distancing and enhanced hygiene measures including hand washing, the use of masks and gloves as recommended by local health authorities or stricter if required by the hospitality company procedures. All training should be informed by the latest advice from public health authorities and/or WHO. Continuous monitoring of well-being of team members by leadership, encouraging them to following governmental and WHO guidelines.”

The Healthy Hospitality™ program is developed in accordance with WTTC’s recommendations and WHO guidelines.


We have done the challenging work for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

What topics does the Healthy Hospitality™ program cover?

The on-demand, online training program called Healthy Hospitality™ includes scientifically proven information and skills about types of germs and how they cause disease; understanding what masks do and how to wear them properly; correct handwashing to reduce spreading germs; social distancing; (re)learning how to protect yourself when sneezing and coughing; and how to put on and take off disposable gloves to reduce the risk of spreading disease.

What features does the course include?

This easy-to-use online course is self-guided and on demand so that you can learn when it is convenient for you. The content is offered in easy-to-understand English plus text and narration with each slide to help with comprehension. Learning and retention tools include quizzes to reinforce key points, downloadable infographics, and a glossary. Read our blogs for related information.

What are the benefits to employers?

Healthy Hospitality™ offers numerous benefits to employers including: improve operational and staff preparedness to ensure a safer and healthier workplace; reduce sick days (absenteeism); reduce the spread of germs when employees come to work sick (presenteeism); rebuild trust and confidence in hospitality services; reliable training content based on recommendations and guidelines from the World Health Organization (WHO), US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and long-standing, well-recognized, reliable scientific research; and investing in the most important asset – your workforce!

How much does the course cost?

Please visit the Pricing and Training Options page for more information about pricing options that include single purchase, group purchasing based on team size, or self-hosting.

What other services does the company offer?

In addition to its online and on-site training programs, the team at Medical Tourism Training offers consulting services on a variety of topics related to wellness, health, medical tourism, dental tourism, and accessible travel.

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Pricing and Training Options for the Healthy Hospitality™

Finding the training option that is best for your organization depends on the size of your team and your business goals. Select the option that fits your needs.

Single course, on-demand online option:

The Healthy Hospitality™ course is available for individuals or members of team with fewer than five members to purchase individually. Each person registers for the course, pays the purchase price, and then receives an email with registration information to begin online learning. It’s quick, fast, and convenient!

For teams of five people or more:

The Healthy Hospitality program produces the best results if every member of the organization including owners and top management complete the course.


To receive your exclusive pricing package with added benefits, please complete and submit this short, easy to out fill form. Your pricing information will be provided quickly!



For organizations that have an online platform and would like to host the Healthy Hospitality™ program in-house, please contact us directly to discuss how we can best meet your training needs. Also inquire about our “Train-the-Trainer” program.

Additional Training:

Does your team need support to maximize the benefits of the Healthy Hospitality™ program? Virtual, affordable training is available from our team of experts. On-site training can be provided too. Send us an email and tell us about your training needs.

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