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Latest reviews from the health travel cluster workshop in Zagreb, Croatia:


“Irving Stackpole and Elizabeth Ziemba, a husband and wife team, whose expertise and chemistry made them ideal co-presenters, offered something which was eagerly accepted by those who did attend - a road map of how to develop the building blocks of health tourism in Croatia, using solid methodology and examples, and by inviting participants to do their own thinking in the Croatian scenario.”

Paul Bradbury, Total Croatia News

“Your workshop provided some useful information about the leading clusters around the World and helped me better understand how Croatian representative think of it. Also, concept for developing clusters could be applied to any company, so I had many links to my everyday work and customer-centric experience. You definitely met and exceeded all my expectations!”

Nina Čerkez, Commercial Specialist, U.S. Commercial Service, Embassy of the United States of America, Zagreb, Croatia

“Thank you very much for very inspiring workshop. It was very interesting for me, especially things about cluster targets, what not to do, about everything that is included in the cluster and related services.”

Alfred Franković, Cluster Manager, Kvarner Health Tourism Cluster

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