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Every business that has customers will encounter situations where its clients get upset. Even organizations dedicated to excellent customer service will have disappointed, angry and upset customers at some point in time. How employees handle customer complaints will make the difference between turning that client into a supporter or enemy of your business.

How can you manage the relationship with your customers so that you both reach the best possible outcome? In this course, “Working with Upset Customers,” you will learn cross-cultural techniques to avoid upsetting customers and how to repair situations to calm clients so that the situation can be resolved.

“Working with Upset Customers” is designed for individuals who would like to improve their interpersonal skills, including:


  • Medical travel facilitators
  • International care coordinators
  • Medical professionals
  • Support staff in hospitals, clinics, private medical and dental offices, spas
  • Travel agents
  • Hospitality professionals

Essential Skills for Working with Upset Customers

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