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Irving Stackpole

Consulting Expert Marketing and Market Research, Organizational Development

Utilizing decades of  experience in the health care sector, Irving Stackpole is President of Stackpole & Associates, a team of consultants who design and deliver market research, customer service and sales training, and marketing services to healthcare, tourism, senior living and human service organizations and governments throughout the United States and internationally.


His clients include an extensive list of medical tourism organizations including professional associations, government organizations, health care providers, developers, facilitators, and more. Irving has delivered presentations at numerous medical tourism conferences including both World Medical Tourism and Global Health Conferences. He is the editor of Medical Tourism Marketing, the first of its kind book designed to improve the quality and effectiveness of medical tourism marketing as well as the Marketing Handbook for Health Tourism, now available on Amazon.


Irving is the market research and marketing advisor to Medical Tourism Training, Inc. and works collaboratively with the company to provide complimentary training and consulting services to ensure that the needs of our clients are being met.

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