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About Temos: Browse our brochure offering an introduction and overview to all of Temos services and benefits. 

About Temos

COVID-19 Safe: Temos is the first accreditation organization to offer a specialized program to offer guidance to reduce risk of transmission of COVID-19. Download our brochure describing the “Certificate of Compliance: COVID-19 Safe” program.

COVID-19 – in English

COVID-19 – en español

Dental programs: Temos offers the first ISQua/IEEA accreditation programs for dental practices, dental clinics, and dental hospitals who treat domestic patients only, international patients only, or both domestic and international patients. 

Accreditation for Dental Services – in English

Acreditacion para Servicios Odontologicos – en español

Community Pharmacy Services play a vital role in assuring safe prescribing as well as other valuable services for consumers. Temos offers an accreditation program specifically for community pharmacies.

Community Pharmacy Service Accreditation – in English

Acreditacion de servicios para Farmacia Comunitaria – en español

Reproductive Care Centers are challenged to provide a special combination of clinical care and patient experience to people seeking a solution to an intimate choice. Temos accreditation finds the balance to improve the care provided including IVF.

Accreditation Services for Reproductive Care Centers – in English

Servicios de Acreditación para Centros de Repoduccion Asistida – en español

Facilitators, also called Medical Travel Coordinators, provide a valuable connection between patients and providers to smooth the journey for health and medical travel. Temos offer a Certificate for these individuals and organizations working on behalf of health travelers.

Certification for Medical Travel Coordinators – in English

Certificacion Temos para Coordinadores de Turismo Medico – en español

How does Temos compare to other international accreditation organizations? Download our comparison chart to see the results.

Temos Comparison Chart – in English

Comparos Temos con otros programas – en español

To learn more about Temos USA and the services offered by this Regional Office serving the United States, Mexico, Caribbean, Central & South America, contact Elizabeth Ziemba at e.ziemba@temos-worldwide.com or call/WhatsApp +1 857 366 1315. 

Para español: Contacto Dr. Jesus Ortiz: Telephone/Whats App: +1 754 423-6139 or j.ortiz@temos-worldwide.com

Mr. Ed Stephenson is our Caribbean expert. Contact him: Telephone/WhatsApp: +1 (954) 536-2857 or e.stephenson@temos-worldwide.com.