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Accreditation can accelerate your excellence and set you apart from your competitors. Ready to learn more about Temos? Here are our brochures available for you to download for free.

About Temos:

Browse our brochure offering an introduction and overview to all of Temos services and benefits.

About Temos

COVID-19 Safe:

Temos is the first accreditation organization to offer a specialized program to offer guidance to reduce risk of transmission of COVID-19. Download our brochure describing the “Certificate of Compliance: COVID-19 Safe” program.

COVID-19 – in English
COVID-19 – in español


Learn more about Temos’ ISQua/IEEA accredited programs for hospitals of all sizes designed to improve clinical outcomes, build better business metrics to save money and increase revenue, and offer an excellent patient experience.

Temos’ ISQua/IEEA Accredited Programs for Hospitals – in English
Programas de Temos Acreditadospor ISQua/IEEA para Hospitales – in español

Ambulatory Care Clinics including Day Surgery, Diagnostic Services, and Day Clinics:

Is your clinic ready to face the clinical and business challenges and pressures to deliver less invasive surgical options, faster recovery times, lower infection rates, and better follow up? Temos accreditation offers a check-up for your organization.

Accreditation for Ambulatory Care Clinics – in English
Acreditación para Clínicas de Atención Ambulatoria – en español

Cosmetic, Plastic, and Reconstructive Surgery Clinics:

Demand for services is growing but so is competition. How will you compete for the clients you want? Temos can help you improve clinical outcomes, business metrics, and patient experience, Explore the options.

Accreditation for Cosmetic, Plastic, and Reconstructive Surgery Clinics – in English
Acreditación para Clínicas de Cirugía Estética – en español

Dental programs:

Temos offers the first ISQua/IEEA accreditation programs for dental practices, dental clinics, and dental hospitals who treat domestic patients only, international patients only, or both domestic and international patients.

Accreditation for Dental Services – in English
Acreditacion para Servicios Odontologicos – en español

Rehabilitation Care:

Three unique programs developed by a multi-disciplinary team of experts are offered to rehabilitation professionals to build more competitive services to meet the needs of their patients. No other accreditation organization offers more choices.

Accreditation Programs Designed Specifically for Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Practices, Clinics, and Hospitals
Desarrollando Servicios de Rehabilitación más Consolidados y Competitivos – en español

Reproductive Care

Centers are challenged to provide a special combination of clinical care and patient experience to people seeking a solution to an intimate choice. Temos accreditation finds the balance to improve the care provided including IVF

Accreditation Services for Reproductive Care Centers – in English
Servicios de Acreditación para Centros de Repoduccion Asistida – en español

Ophthalmologists and eye care professionals

are now offered accreditation programs designed for their specialized services. Whether treating domestic or international patients, Temos accreditation delivers what you need to set yourself farther apart from the competition.

Accreditation Programs for Eye Care Services
Programas de acreditación para servicios oftalmológicos – en español

Community Pharmacy Services

play a vital role in assuring safe prescribing as well as other valuable services for consumers. Temos offers an accreditation program specifically for community pharmacies.

Community Pharmacy Service Accreditation – in English
Acreditacion de servicios para Farmacia Comunitaria – en español

Facilitators, also called Medical Travel Coordinators

, provide a valuable connection between patients and providers to smooth the journey for health and medical travel. Temos offer a Certificate for these individuals and organizations working on behalf of health travelers.

Certification for Medical Travel Coordinators – in English
Certificacion Temos para Coordinadores de Turismo Medico – en español

Comparison Chart:

How does Temos compare to other international accreditation organizations? Download our comparison chart to see the results.

Temos Comparison Chart – in English

To learn more about Temos USA and the services offered by this Regional Office serving the United States, Mexico, Caribbean, Central & South America, contact Elizabeth Ziemba at e.ziemba@temos-worldwide.com or call/WhatsApp +1 857 366 1315. 

Para español: Contacto Dr. Jesus Ortiz: Telephone/Whats App: +1 754 423-6139 or j.ortiz@temos-worldwide.com

Mr. Ed Stephenson is our Caribbean expert. Contact him: Telephone/WhatsApp: +1 (954) 536-2857 or e.stephenson@temos-worldwide.com.