Buying and selling healthcare services across borders

Many governments and healthcare organizations around the world are engaged in the buying and selling of healthcare services for their nationals.

Whether delivering medical care that is unavailable in the home country, offering excess capacity to international patients, or combining both purchasing and selling healthcare services, governments and providers around the world are engaged in the strategic provision of healthcare services. Some countries are implementing universal health coverage (UHC) for the first time. For many, UHC and strategic purchasing are new, complex and extremely important endeavors.

New best practices and lessons learned are emerging monthly, public and private sector teams are challenged to stay abreast of changes and best practices. These challenges can result in sub-optimal arrangements that lead to poor quality of care, inflated prices, weak selection of services, and providers with inadequate monitoring and management of contractual obligations. There are no training programs available for advisors that are integral to establishing the necessary business and legal frameworks in order to achieve value for money and high quality health services.

The GEM Consulting team, Graham Elderfield, Elizabeth Ziemba, and Michele Forzley, three experienced and knowledgeable experts, organized a consulting and training practice to create solutions to the chaos that surrounds the process of purchasing and/or selling cross border medical services.

Our team offers consulting and training services dedicated to the strategic purchasing and/or selling of healthcare services designed to:

  • Equip Ministry staff and legal advisors, private sector healthcare representatives, and others engaged in the purchasing and/or selling process with the knowledge, skills and techniques to promote quality in service delivery through Strategic Purchasing and Contract Management
  • Align funding and incentives with promised high quality health services
  • Promote the accountability of providers to meet the health needs of the population according to clinical and non-clinical standards.

The GEM team is committed to ensuring that the strategic international purchasing and/or selling of medical services is both efficient and effective while measurably improving clinical and nonclinical quality in service delivery.

These goals are achieved through a variety of services including:

  • Consulting advice and support
  • Model agreements and protocols including ‘how to’ guides
  • Tailored courses and modules
  • Webinars and training events

Contact us today to discover how GEM solutions can be put to work for you to improve the purchase or sale of healthcare services and the role of Universal Health Coverage in providing quality medical care to the greatest number of people possible.