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Redi4Patients™ FAQs2017-04-26T20:27:53+00:00
We manage a hotel that welcomes medical travelers. Is the Redi4Patients™ assessment available to us?2015-10-01T15:50:34+00:00

Medical Tourism Training offers training and assessment services designed specifically for hotels, spas and resorts that welcome medical travelers. For example, the company offers training for employees of hotels, resorts and spas to offer tailored services as well as exceptional customer service designed to meet the particular needs of guests who are traveling for medical services, have disabilities or simply need assistance with navigating steps and other obstacles.

Is the Redi4Patients™ assessment appropriate for an organization that does not receive international patients?2018-01-31T14:01:07+00:00

Yes, our assessment program can be used for any health care provider. While the program does include an evaluation of international patient services if they are offered to patients, the same principles apply for domestic patients. The recommendations are appropriate for providers who serve local patients as well as those from outside the normal service area as our reports are valuable to any health care organization that is concerned about the quality of the patient experience. Whether patients come from around the corner or the other side of the world, providers can maximize their resources to serve their patients as effectively and efficiently as possible. Redi4Patients™ can help achieve those goals.

We do not have an existing international patient department but would like to start one. Will the Redi4Patients™ program help us create an international patient department?2017-04-26T20:28:15+00:00

No, the Redi4Patients™ program is not designed to establish international patient services but rather evaluates existing services. Medical Tourism Training does offer training and consulting services to assist organizations that want to create international patient departments. Please see our online course, “Welcoming the World: Building an Outstanding International Patient Department”, which is offered as a stand-alone or as part of our virtual and on-site training services.

Does Medical Tourism Training, Inc. offer help with implementing the recommendations contained in its report?2015-10-01T15:45:13+00:00

Yes, our company is ready to support the growth and success of your organization through training and consulting services designed. We will work with your organization to improve patient services and to attract the patients your organization wants to serve.

Does the Redi4Patients™ assessment include an evaluation of clinical services?2015-10-01T15:46:58+00:00

No, the Redi4Patients™ process only evaluates non-clinical services. Of course providing excellent medical care is most important but there are many fine organizations that assess and credential clinical services. Our focus is on the nonclinical aspects of the patient experience which are a key factor for medical travelers in deciding where to go to have health and wellness services as well as influencing what domestic patients say about your organization.

Can the Redi4Patients™ assessment be used to compare our organization with other health care providers?2018-01-31T14:28:34+00:00

Yes, the Redi4Patients™ evaluation can be used to benchmark with other providers within the same organization, medical cluster, region or country for a snapshot of how your organization compares to your competitors. For example, private hospital groups can use Redi4Patients™ to evaluate and measure the relative effectiveness and efficiency of its patient services to compare and contrast each provider. When working with a group of providers, we deliver confidential individual reports for each provider as well as a group report containing all the factors and measures for all of the participants.

Is Redi4Patients™ known by any other name?2015-10-01T15:49:52+00:00

While Redi4Patients™ is the name most frequently used for this unique assessment survey tool and evaluation process, it is also known as Readi4Patients™, Ready4Patients™, ReadyforPatients™, and Ready for Patients™. We use all of these variations of the name to help people find us more easily. Don’t be fooled by imitators—always look for our company name, Medical Tourism Training, Inc.