Email Etiquette – Netiquette


Email presents opportunities and challenges in the conduct of business. Reading and responding to emails from individuals from different cultures who may be corresponding in a language other than their native tongue presents cross-cultural issues that, if not handled properly, can drive customers a competitor. Research shows that failing to respond to emails is one of the major complaints among consumers of international health travel services. Excellent email etiquette–or netiquette–can ensure that clients contacting you or your business from countries around the world will be responded to courteously and respectfully.



Developed based on cross-cultural international best business practices, “Netiquette for the Medical Tourism Professional” prepares you to make a positive impression the first time, every time you write or respond to clients via email. Superior netiquette skills demonstrate your commitment to delivering excellent customer service and should translate into more customers for your business.

  • Medical travel facilitators
  • International care coordinators
  • Medical professionals
  • Support staff in hospitals, clinics, private medical and dental offices, spas
  • Travel agents


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