Accreditation for Healthcare: What, Why, Who, When, and How

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Kingston, Jamaica; 18 September 2018: The Jamaica Promotions Corporation (JAMPRO) is pleased to announce an educational webinar exclusively for the Jamaican community on the topic of healthcare accreditation given in conjunction with Medical Tourism Training, an authorized representative of Temos Worldwide.

Entitled “Accreditation for Healthcare: What, Why, Who, When, and How”, the presentation covers essential information for providers, government representatives, clinicians, and other interested individuals to learn more about what accreditation does and does not offer. The webinar that will be delivered by Elizabeth Ziemba, President of Medical Tourism Training and authorized representative of the accreditation organization Temos Worldwide, and Caribbean healthcare expert Ed Stephenson, Principal of ECS International Inc. Together Ms. Ziemba and Mr. Stephenson bring decades of experience and knowledge in healthcare, medical travel, accreditation, and business development.

“I am looking forward to sharing information about accreditation in general as well as the specific benefits of the seven distinct Temos’ accreditation programs. For example, Temos offers one type of accreditation for hospitals and clinics that treat international patients who end up in emergency rooms while on holiday. This program is specifically designed for popular tourist destinations like Jamaica to protect their public systems while ensuring that visitors who are treated in the ER return home having had excellent clinical care and an excellent patient experience”, states Ms. Ziemba. “Temos also offers different accreditation program for hospitals and clinics that intentionally seek international patients. Accreditation is not ‘one size fits all’. Different accreditation programs meet the needs of different types of providers and the patients they treat. The webinar will make these distinctions clear”.

Questions to be answered during the webinar include:

• What is accreditation? What types of accreditation programs are available?
• Why should a hospital, clinic, or facilitator/medical concierge seek accreditation?
• Who should seek accreditation?
• When is accreditation appropriate for a particular provider or individual?
• How does the accreditation process work?

The webinar is scheduled for one hour on Wednesday, September 26th beginning at 6:00 PM Jamaica local time. The presentation will be 45 minutes with 15 minutes for questions from participants. Registered participants may submit specific questions in advance to ensure that they are addressed during the webinar.

To register for this free event please send an email with your name, job title, organization, and email address to Ms. Ziemba at

About Temos International: Founded in 2010, Temos is the first worldwide independent accreditation body to focus on the quality of international patient management from the medical and non-clinical perspectives. With 17 regional offices around the world, the German-based Temos has accredited more than 80 providers on four continents.

Temos helps hospitals, clinics and medical travel coordinators to find their highest levels of performance to deliver top quality for the international patients and medical travelers they serve. By working collaboratively, Temos encourages innovation and avoids the “one size fits” all approach to accreditation which does not work across cultures for providers or patients. With its deep understanding of universal standards of quality and cultural differences in expectations around the patient experience, Temos works with its client to raise clinical standards, improve patient safety and the patient experience while reducing costs and increasing revenue for overall client satisfaction.

About Medical Tourism Training: Founded in 2009, Medical Tourism Training, Inc. offers training, assessments and accreditation as well as consulting services for healthcare providers, governments, associations, hotels, resorts and spas, facilitators/patient coordinators, and other organizations involved in medical, dental and wellness travel. Drawing on its team members’ years of experience in medicine, medical travel, hospitality, patient services, business, and law, the company focuses on best business practices, research, and case studies to deliver results-oriented solutions for its clients. Through improved business operations and superior patient experience, clients can realize cost savings and increased revenues. The company is the authorized Temos representative for the United States, Mexico, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

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Elizabeth Ziemba

Elizabeth Ziemba

President at Medical Tourism Training
With a diverse background in public health, law and business, Elizabeth brings a unique set of skills and experience to Medical Tourism Training with services including assessment tools, online and onsite training, workshops, and consulting services for governments, providers, facilitators, associations and others involved in medical travel.