Elizabeth Ziemba, President of Medical Tourism Training, Joins the Board of MediGence

Working more closely with a long-time client to expand access to healthcare

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Newport, RI, April 28, 2021: Medical Tourism Training is pleased to announce that its Founder and President, Elizabeth Ziemba, has joined the Board of Directors of MediGence.

The relationship between the two companies has a natural connection. Medical Tourism Training offers its consulting and training services to a wide audience of public and private sector individuals and entities engaged in health travel. MediGence empowers health travelers by offering healthcare options to a global audience leveraging technology while maintaining the human touch. Both companies are committed to an excellent client and patient experience.

According to Ms. Ziemba, “It is my pleasure to accept the invitation to join MediGence’s Board of Directors. I have watched the company grow from its start in 2016 and have acted as a mentor and coach since 2017. What impresses me most about the MediGence team is its total commitment to patients. Other organizations claim to be “patient-centric”, but the patient focus is central to the company’s DNA. As a Board member, I look forward to using my knowledge, skill, and experience in health travel to improve the quality of services as well as accelerate the company’s growth”.

Despite the challenges presented by COVID-19, the company is experiencing growth including the introduction of an elegant telemedicine solution for patients and providers. Further innovations are being created by the MediGence team to serve patients better while expanding its global footprint. The company is positioning itself for the changes that will be the “new normal” once the pandemic subsides.

According to Mr. Amit Bansal, MediGence’s CEO, “It is a proud moment for all of us in MediGence to have Ms. Elizabeth Ziemba joining our Board as an active member. It is a validation of our good work that we have been doing over the years. Her induction on our Board will immensely help us in creating a strong patient centric brand and boost the company’s vision and innovation strategy to help millions of lives worldwide access healthcare more easily”.

As part of its commitment to its clients, MediGence recently completed its Continuous Quality Improvement self-assessment as it successfully achieved Temos certification as a “Medical Travel Coordinator”. The invitation to Ms. Ziemba to join the Board confirms the company’s dedication to quality within the company as well as for its clients and patients.

About Elizabeth Ziemba:

A pioneer in health travel as President & Founder of Medical Tourism Training, Elizabeth Ziemba delivers consulting, training, and assessment services for clients in the wellness, health, medical, and hospitality sectors with innovative, practical, evidence-based solutions for business development and economic growth. Ms. Ziemba helps clients build strong organizations at the cross-roads of health & hospitality to compete locally and globally. She promotes accreditation & certification as Regional Director for Temos International Healthcare Accreditation covering the US, Caribbean, Mexico, & Latin America. Contact Ms. Ziemba at eziemba@medicaltourismtraining.com and visit the company website at https://www.medicaltourismtraining.com/.

About MediGence:

Founded in 2016, MediGence is a patient-centric, technology driven global platform to find and leverage the best-in-class medical treatment options for people searching for critical care solutions. Guided by its philosophy of ‘Enabling Better Healthcare Decisions’, patients anywhere in the world can leverage the team’s personalized care as well as its technology including CURED, a one-touch healthcare app providing end-to-end support, and its new telemedicine platform, to work with clients on their lifelong health journey. To learn more about MediGence, visit its website or contact the company at contactus@medigence.com

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Elizabeth Ziemba

President at Medical Tourism Training
With a diverse background in public health, law and business, Elizabeth brings a unique set of skills and experience to Medical Tourism Training with services including assessment tools, online and onsite training, workshops, and consulting services for governments, providers, facilitators, associations and others involved in medical travel.