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Temos USA Welcomes New Team Member

Opens Office in Curacao to better serve the Caribbean and LATAM markets

November 12, 2020, Newport, RI: The Temos USA Regional Office serving the United States, Mexico, Central & South America as well as the Caribbean is pleased to announce that Ms. Eileen Isebia has joined its team.

Based in Curacao, Ms. Isebia has clinical training as a surgical nurse as well as a pharmaceutical representative for Lilly. She has an excellent network in the medical field with satisfied customers throughout the Caribbean and Latin America. She has worked extensively with doctors and healthcare professionals, pharmacists, medical staff, and industry leaders to put patients first. Eileen has focused on interpersonal communications, medical/customer service, information management, and marketing in addition to managing her region, budget, and salesplanning.

According to Elizabeth Ziemba, Director of the Temos USA office, “I am delighted to welcome Ms. Isebia as a trusted and valued colleague to our team tointroduce the Temos brand of accreditation programs to hospitals, clinics, and facilitatorsin our region. With her clinical background and experience in pharmaceutical sales, Eileen understands the importance of providing international clinical quality and patient experience services to each and every patient. She is fluent in English, Spanish, Dutch, and Papiamento. Her language skills will improve communication with a wider range of healthcare providers especially during this challenging time of the COVID pandemic. I am excited to be working with Ms. Isebia”.

Temos International Healthcare Accreditation with its headquarters in Germany offers the widest selection of high quality international accreditation programs, many of them ISQua/IEEA accredited, tailored to the specific needs of hospitals, ambulatory & day surgery clinics as well as dental practices, reproductive care providers, eye care services, physical rehabilitation practices, as well as community pharmacies.

In addition to its accreditation programs, it offers two certification programs. One program is designed specifically for medical travel coordinators while the second certification program addresses the current COVID pandemic – the “COVID-19 Safe” certification program designed to reduce the risk of transmission.

Ms. Isebia will work closely with other Temos USA member Ed Stephenson and Elizabeth Ziemba. Ms. Isebia states, “I’m very happy and proud to be part of the Temos team. I look forward to working with the entire Temos team to bring world-class healthcare standards to clients in the Caribbean as well as Central and South America. Many of my contacts will be interested in learning about the benefits of working to Temos to differentiate and improve the services they deliver to their clients”.

For more information about Temos and its services, contact Elizabeth Ziemba, Director, Temos USA via Tel/WhatsApp: +1 (857) 366 – 1315 or

Ms. Isebia can be contacted at +5999-5240822 or

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