More information about Redi4Patients™

The Redi4Patients™ assessment is comprised of three parts:

Part 1: An evaluation of your customer service systems, and an analysis of up to three pieces of marketing materials.customer service

This mini-marketing audit will analyze your web site and compare it against 15 international best business standards for marketing competitiveness.

Your telephone and email systems will be contacted several times to evaluate your organization’s ability to convert inquiries into clients as well as assess the customer service friendliness of your staff. A review of your social media sites will be conducted. Then up to three pieces of marketing materials—brochure, DVD, video, promotional items—will be evaluated for ten factors that comprise effective marketing materials for your target audiences.

Part 2: An on-site evaluation of the “patient experience” from arrival
through departure and follow up. 

Our proprietary evaluation system simulates the patient experience and includes interviews with key members of staff, a detailed facility visit, review of key documents and more. This revealing appraisal identifies the strengths and weaknesses of your organization, showing you what should be changed or fortified to improve your competitive position in the healthcare field. When you are ready to grow your business; increase patient, family and staff satisfaction; and improve safety for your customers, the Redi4Patients™ assessment is an overall benefit to your organization.

The assessment includes comments about your destination infrastructure and services such as:

  • Immigration and customs
  • Airport
  • Transportation and Traffic
  • Hospitality services
  • And more.

Part 3: A comprehensive report with conclusions and recommendations.

A confidential, comprehensive report will review the findings about the patient experience whether contacting your organization via the web site, email, telephone or in person; discuss ways to improve your marketing materials; and identify the gaps in customer and patient services. The report provides specific, actionable recommendations so that the next steps in creating a superior patient experience will be clear to you and your team.


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Let our experts conduct an independent assessment of the total patient experience offered by your organization. When you receive the results, you will know that you are Redi4Patients™! Ready to get started?