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Medical Travel Show

International health and medical travel pioneers Elizabeth Ziemba and Irving Stackpole have joined forces with UR Business Network, a dynamic distributor of Internet content to develop, produce and distribute “The Medical Travel Show“. Listen to what global thought leaders in the international health, medical and wellness sectors have to say from the list of free podcasts.


International medical travel is important for many reasons – economic, clinical, ethical, legal and educational to name just a few. Our show delves into all of these issues to create vigorous dialogue among healthcare providers, governments, governmental agencies, accrediting agencies, universities and educators as well as patients and consumers. Tune in!

Dr. Robert Gerl: Regional Branding and Marketing for International Healthcare

CEO of Bavaria International Health Association in Munich, Germany, Robert Gerl, is both a medical doctor, and an advocate for international medical tourism.   Dr. Gerl sees medical tourism as an “adventure.” He believes it is important to understand the needs of consumers and to provide great customer service so international patients feel safe. A welcoming environment [...]

Kim Waddoup: Matching Russian Patients with Global Healthcare Providers

More than 70,000 affluent Russian citizens travel each year for medical diagnosis, necessary and cosmetic surgeries, dental and spa treatments. That’s one reason Mr. Kim Waddoup, CEO of aiGroup Russia, created the only business-to-consumer (B2C) health exposition in Moscow, Russia 24332   The bi-annual Moscow MedShow is an event that gives Russian patients and healthcare [...]

Keith Pollard: International Medical Travel

Managing Director of Intuition Communication, Keith Pollard, is a true pioneer in the medical tourism industry. He is vocal critic of ill supported claims about international health, wellness, and dental travel. He believes there should be full transparency industry-wide.   Intuition Communication publishes the International Medical Travel Journal  (IMTJ), one of the most all-inclusive hubs of [...]

Sherene Azura Azli: Malaysia and Medical Tourism

Ms. Sherene Azura Azli, CEO of the Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council (MHTC), entered the world of medical tourism when she saw an opportunity to contribute to the economic growth of Malaysia. Her transition into the medical tourism industry was not planned.   Before becoming CEO of MHTC in March 2015, Ms. Sherene led the Malaysian Diaspora Outreach team at [...]

Susie Ellis: Spa and Wellness Treatments as Health Prevention Tools

Susie Ellis, president of Spafinder Wellness 365, and CEO of the Global Spa & Wellness Summit, makes a compelling case for the prevention of certain illnesses and injuries through lifestyle changes, spa and wellness treatments.   Three quarters of doctors visits are for stress-related conditions. With the startling rise of healthcare costs, Ms. Ellis says wellness treatments can [...]

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Josef Woodman: Patients Beyond Borders

Josef Woodman, CEO and author of Patients Beyond Borders, is a true pioneer in the creation of consumer-based guides for international health, wellness, and dental travel.  He has traveled to hospitals, medical and dental providers worldwide to gather information and publish information on medical tourism destination.  In this interview, Woodman responds to the difficult, and common question in [...]

Dr. Sharon Kleefield: Development in Global Healthcare

Dr. Sharon Kleefield is a 15-year veteran of the faculty at Harvard Medical School, and former Director of Healthcare Quality at Harvard Medical International. She is dedicated to developing and deploying standards of healthcare worldwide.   In this interview, Dr. Kleefield discusses the need for a wider range of reliable metrics in and among foreign providers, and for [...]

Ilan Geva: Brand Champions in International Healthcare

Ilan Geva is the principal of Ilan Geva and Friends, as well as an adjunct faculty member at DePaul University and the University of Chicago. His career in global advertising with a focus on tourism led him into the world of medical tourism.   Mr. Geva quickly saw the role of branding as an essential step in [...]

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Dr. Tricia Johnson: Medical Travel into the U.S.

Associate Chair of the Graduate Program in Health Systems Management at Rush University, Dr. Tricia Johnson, studies a form of medical tourism that is not commonly discussed. Her work concentrates on medical travel into the United States. She was recently named one of the researchers awarded a grant by the United States Department of Commerce to [...]