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Despite the economic troubles in Greece, Stefan d’Hone, Managing Partner of German Communication Xperts (GCX), is optimistic about the medical tourism market in Greece.


The medical tourism market in Greece is still strong because the country has high quality medical procedures available at lower costs than competing countries.


Mr. d’Hone works specifically to attract German patients to Greek medical centers. He says the biggest issue is, “The German public simply does not know that there are brilliant doctors and brilliant medical treatments in Greece, and it is our job to make the public know about these facts.”


Greece is not yet recognized in Germany as a location for high quality medical services- but it remains a popular tourist destination. Stefan’s goal is to generate positive media about Greece so German’s will have positive thoughts about the country. He recommends combining vacation with a medical treatment such as plastic surgery or another procedure that can be done on an outpatient basis. Many German nationals travel for plastic surgery because it is not covered by German healthcare.


Listen to the podcast of this interview with Stefan d’Hone to learn more about how GCX is working to spread awareness of Greece as a safe, affordable medical destination.

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