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CEO of Bavaria International Health Association in Munich, Germany, Robert Gerl, is both a medical doctor, and an advocate for international medical tourism.


Dr. Gerl sees medical tourism as an “adventure.” He believes it is important to understand the needs of consumers and to provide great customer service so international patients feel safe. A welcoming environment plus competent medical care are essentials to building a regional reputation to sustain a medical travel business.


Germany, and the Bavaria region in general, are known throughout the world as attractive, comfortable tourism destinations. Dr. Gerl believes that reliable medical services are a positive addition to Bavaria’s regional reputation.


In this interview, Dr. Gerl explains the development of Bavaria as a medical travel destination. He touches on the role of human resources development as an important part of world renowned German healthcare, and how to strategically target prospective patients.


The European cross-border healthcare directive is on reason for Dr. Gerl’s optimism about the development of Bavarian medical travel.


As more consumers take advantage of the requirement that their home country pay for healthcare services received in another EU country, additional clarification of important healthcare regulations will emerge. The ease of travel between Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Austria, Switzerland and Germany makes it naturally easy for cross-border trade in services such as health, wellness, dental, and more complex medical procedures. The strong, developing relationships between Germany and certain Middle Eastern countries also show encouraging signs of future medical travel to Bavaria.


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