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Travel agents have been hit hard by consumers booking travel and other services directly online rather than accessing the expertise of travel consultants. This business trend requires travel agencies to explore options for business diversification. The rise of the phenomena known as “medical tourism” presents opportunities for business expansion as does the growing number of travelers with disabilities, older individuals and retirees as well as people with chronic or other medical conditions. These opportunities require knowledge about this fascinating and fast growing sector as well as the skills to advise clients about relaxing, rejuvenating, and appearance-enhancing services available on a global basis.

There are many ways for travel agents to create niche specialty areas to develop unique selling propositions as a way to grow their businesses based on wellness, health and medical travel. Whether becoming more knowledgeable about spa treatments in exotic locations and unique wellness programs to specialty certification in medical travel for complex surgical procedures, the potential for professional growth and business development is endless.

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