Medical Tourism Training Services For Facilitators And International Patient Care Coordinators

Providing services to clients traveling for health and wellness, dental and medical services, requires a diverse and complex knowledge base and set of skills. Whether you are new to the field or have experience, Medical Tourism Training offers a variety of resources to help you succeed.

As a training company, our programs are researched, designed, developed, and implemented by our team of experts with a combination of international best business practices and practical experience in the sector.

On-Line Courses

Our affordable, on-demand, self-guided on-line courses provide the basic sets of skills and information for working in medical tourism. These engaging courses offer quizzes and a final knowledge check; downloadable documents; and a “Certificate of Completion” among other features to give you that competitive edge.

Current on-line courses include:

Our advanced on-line course, Welcoming the World: Building an Outstanding International Patient Department, is a how-to guide for creating and improving patient services for domestic and international patients.

On-Site Training – Available in English, Spanish and Portuguese

“Success Essentials” is our two-day on-site training program designed for individuals who have experience working as Patient Care Coordinators or Facilitators. It is designed based on the four areas of knowledge that form the foundation for success:

  • Customer Service and Logistics
  • Care Management
  • Risk Management for patients, providers, and businesses
  • Business Management – Marketing Medical Tourism; Effective Web Sites; and Social Media Strategies

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Check out our Resources section for articles, books , movies, podcasts  and more to enhance your knowledge about medical tourism.

Find out how Medical Tourism Training can provide training for Facilitators and International Patient Care Coordinators