Medical Tourism Consulting Services For Hospitals

Healthcare providers around the world are engaged in treating patients who travel near and far to receive the procedures they need and want. With more hospitals, clinics, and health and wellness services entering the market, it is increasingly more difficult to find and secure the right clients. Our team of experts can help you grow your organization.

Let us answer your most important questions including:

  • How can we create an international patient department?
  • How can we improve our patient services?
  • What kinds of medical tourists can we attract?
  • What countries are good sources of patients?
  • Which services are patients most likely to want?
  • Does our staff have the skills needed to succeed?
  • And more!

Our team of experts has worked with numerous healthcare providers around the globe to help them achieve their goals. From conducting market research and delivering actionable strategies for individual hospitals to completing a competitive analysis of a group of healthcare services in a particular region to mystery shopping competitors, Medical Tourism Training guides clients through the complex and increasingly competitive medical travel sector.

Some of our consulting assignments include:

  • A prominent hospital in the Caribbean requested research to identify the best sources for patients and the types of services most likely to be purchased
  • A group of hospitals in Mexico contracted for the Redi4Patients™ assessment to measure and compare the quality of services being offered to medical tourists
  • A government contracted for an inventory of excess capacity within its private sector to attract medical travelers

Medical Tourism Training has provided these and other answers to your potential competitors. Put us to work for you.

What are your most important business questions? Contact us today to reach your goals for success.

Find out how Medical Tourism Training can help your Hospital develop a Medical Tourism Program