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Effective communication skills are essential to succeeding in any field but none more so than medical tourism. Research shows that failing to return telephone calls is one of the major complaints among consumers of international health travel services. Excellent telephone etiquette can ensure that clients calling from countries around the world will be treated courteously and respectfully – the same way you enjoy being treated.


Developed based on cross-cultural international best business practices, “Telephone Skills for the Medical Tourism Professional” prepares you to make a positive impression the first time, every time you interact with clients on the telephone. What better way to demonstrate your commitment to delivering excellent customer service.


This self-paced online course is perfect for busy people who want to improve their business skills at their convenience whether at home or the office. It is an excellent training tool for business owners and office managers who would like to improve the skills of staff members, especially front desk personnel such as receptionists.


This course is designed for individuals who want or need to learn the basics of proper telephone etiquette based on international standards and best business practices throughout the world. While the examples used in this course are drawn from our experts’ experience in the medical tourism sector, the telephone skills taught are important for anyone who interacts on the telephone with clients, patients, healthcare and other professionals. “Telephone Skills for the Medical Tourism Professional” is relevant for:


  • Medical travel facilitators
  • International care coordinators
  • Medical professionals
  • Support staff in hospitals, clinics, private medical and dental offices, spas
  • Travel agents
  • Hospitality professionals
  • Anyone who talks on the telephone for business!


The course requires access to the internet and basic computer skills to navigate the coursework. The video clips require Flash Player which can be downloaded to your computer for free.

Telephone Skills for the Medical Tourism Professional

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