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Travel for health and wellness has been growing, which means that more people from more countries are enjoying and experiencing new and different cultures. While most interactions between people from different cultures are enjoyable, too often discomfort, confusion or conflict can result. And too often, by the time you learn about the “problem” it is too late to recover effectively. These difficult interactions can have a profoundly negative effect on your business and on staff morale.


Cross-cultural training is an invaluable tool to:


  • Create professional and productive relationships with patients, customers and clients
  • Improve work relationships among diverse employees
  • Facilitate the delivery of health and wellness services
  • Provide a better patient experience through improved customer service
  • Developed in collaboration with the team of international cross-cultural experts at Culture Coach International, “Through Your Patients ‘ Eyes” prepares you and your team to engage in professional, culturally sensitive interactions to make a positive impact on business relationships.


This self-paced online course is designed for individuals and organizations operating in multi-cultural environments. It is an excellent training tool for health and wellness professionals, business owners and office managers who would like to improve the skills of management and staff members including:


  • Medical and dental professionals
  • Support staff in hospitals, clinics, private medical and dental offices, spas
  • International care coordinators
  • Medical travel facilitators
  • Travel agents
  • Hospitality professionals
  • Anyone who works with international clients, patients or staff!The course requires access to the internet and basic computer skills to navigate the coursework.

Cross Cultural Training for Healthcare Professionals

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