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Fred Maahs, Jr.

Consulting Expert, Accessible Travel & Tourism

Fred suffered a spinal cord injury and became paralyzed from the chest down just days before starting his first year in college. He has used a wheelchair ever since. After obtaining degrees in Business and Marketing, Mr. Maahs spent more than 30 years as a corporate executive working for Fortune 100 and Fortune 30 companies traveling the world, building his expertise and reputation as an internationally recognized disability rights advocate, keynote speaker, and accessibility travel and tourism expert.


Fred founded Maahs Travels in 2021 ( to work around the globe to refine accessible travel; provide accessibility, diversity, and inclusion training; and define market potential and strategies to attract more people to global destinations. Maahs Travels has worked with governments, airports and airlines, hotels and travel destinations in the Caribbean, Dubai, Jordan, Portugal, the UK, Israel, and the United States. His portfolio of clients is continually expanding to address accessibility solutions in Asia and South America.


Mr. Maahs is a partner and Chief Operating Officer of Travel for All (, a company that provides global, accessible, and inclusive travel experiences tailored to the unique needs of each traveler. Fred is Editor of Mélange Accessibility for All magazine ( He served on then President-Elect Joe Biden’s Disability Policy Committee.


Fred is a welcome addition to our team, bringing accessible travel and medical tourism together to maximize services for clients and expand destinations that welcome all travelers including those with disabilities.

Watch the YouTube video presentation of our webinar: A multi-billion dollar untapped market travel, tourism, and hospitality: Persons With Disabilities

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