Temos Accreditation for Facilitators/Medical Travel Coordinators

Are you ready to demonstrate your excellence in medical travel to your current clients and potential customers?
Confirm your commitment to a superior patient experience by engaging in the Temos accreditation program and stand out in the crowd.

Temos Accreditation – Your Unique Selling Position

As a medical service coordinator, you realize the importance of delivering value at each phase of the Customer Care Continuum™. The Temos accreditation process verifies your attention to detail every step of the way. By achieving accreditation, you can confidently reassure patients that your business meets international standards of customer care.

Since 2010, Temos Worldwide has certified hospitals, clinics, and facilitators on four continents focusing on the patient experience for international patients, medical tourists, and healthcare travelers from initial contact through post-discharge follow-up. Perhaps some of your competitors have already been Temos accredited giving them benefits and visibility that you are missing. Or maybe you will be first among your rivals to set the standard of excellence.

Benefits of Temos Accreditation

In addition to knowing that your business practices have been evaluated by a neutral group of Temos experts, Temos accredited medical travel coordinators:

  • Gain access to the Temos accredited hospitals and clinics for patient referrals
  • Differentiate from competitors for marketing purposes
  • E