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Sharon Kleefield

Consulting Expert, CQI, Patient Safety, Risk Management, Strategic Planning, Pre-Accreditation

Dr. Sharon F. Kleefield, a faculty member at Harvard Medical School, provides consulting, education, and training in strategic planning, quality management, performance measurement, patient safety, risk management, and accreditation preparation to health care systems and hospitals around the world.


Dr. Kleefield has extensive experience in the design and implementation of Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) management programs for hospitals and health care systems. Prior to joining Harvard Medical International, she was Director of Care Improvement at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital, a 720-bed Harvard affiliated teaching hospital in Boston, Massachusetts. Dr. Kleefield has held positions in professional staff development and quality management as well as several teaching positions at Harvard University, Harvard Business School, and Harvard Medical School.


Sharon has taught, consulted, and trained physicians, hospital administrators, and other medical professionals around the world including Brazil, China, Colombia, France, Greece, India, Italy, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Thailand, Turkey and the UAE. In addition to numerous peer-reviewed journal publications, she obtained her PhD in Medical Ethics from Boston University. Dr. Kleefield’s education, experience, and substantial professional accomplishments, she is clearly a global leader in quality management, patient safety, risk management, and related sectors.

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