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László Puczkó, PhD, MA, MSc, CMC

CEO and Co-Founder of HTWWLife

László is an internationally acknowledged expert and visionary in the health, wellness and medical travel, hospitality, and tourism arenas. As an economist specializing in tourism, leisure, and hospitality, he has led such benchmark research as “Medical Tourism and Wellness Tourism: Where do Spas Fit?” for the Global Spa Summit and the “Exploring Health Tourism” for the United Nations World Tourism Organization and European Travel Commission.

For more than 25 years, Laszlo has honed his expertise in product development, real estate and destination value conceptualization, experience mapping and design, impact assessment and marketing. He is a frequent presenter and trainer at international professional and academic conferences addressing such topics as performance benchmarks, competitive product development, the role of wellbeing in travel and leisure, and product conceptualization. He is a trainer of marketing and product development at both property and destination levels.

László has written and co-authored several industry-leading books and articles on health tourism, cultural management, and destination marketing including Health Tourism and Hospitality: Spas, Wellness and Medical Travel, The Routledge Handbook of Health Tourism, and The Marketing Handbook for Health Tourism.

László graduated from Budapest University of Economics as an economist specializing in tourism, receiving a PhD in the Environmental Impacts of Tourism. He is a Certified Management Consultant (CMC) and Past President of the Association of Tourism Consultants in Hungary. He was a manager at KPMG, the global advisory firm’s Travel, Leisure, and Tourism Group (Europe & Middle East) and served as advisor on private as well as public sector projects.

László Puczkó
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