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Dr. Sharon Kleefield: Development in Global Healthcare

Dr. Sharon Kleefield is a 15-year veteran of the faculty at Harvard Medical School, and former Director of Healthcare Quality at Harvard Medical International. She is dedicated to developing and deploying standards of healthcare worldwide.   In this interview, Dr. Kleefield discusses the need for a wider range of reliable metrics in and [...]

Ilan Geva: Brand Champions in International Healthcare

Ilan Geva is the principal of Ilan Geva and Friends, as well as an adjunct faculty member at DePaul University and the University of Chicago. His career in global advertising with a focus on tourism led him into the world of medical tourism.   Mr. Geva quickly saw the role of branding [...]

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Dr. Tricia Johnson: Medical Travel into the U.S.

Associate Chair of the Graduate Program in Health Systems Management at Rush University, Dr. Tricia Johnson, studies a form of medical tourism that is not commonly discussed. Her work concentrates on medical travel into the United States. She was recently named one of the researchers awarded a grant by the United [...]