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Laszlo Puczko: Intersection of Medical and Wellness Tourism

  Even for experts in medical and wellness tourism, like Dr. Laszlo Puczko, the distinction between the two sectors is not clear. Dr. Puczko is the managing director of Resources for Leisure Assets, a consultancy based in Budapest. He also founded the Tourism Observatory for Health, Wellness and Spa, a global intelligence resource [...]

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Patients Voice: Traveling US to Mexico for Dental Care

  Dental Departures patient, Ashley Oulette, combined a family vacation with an opportunity to receive high quality dental care at an affordable cost. After hearing the shocking amount that her family’s dental work would cost at a local Florida dentist, Ms. Oulette began researching other possibilities.   Ashley had heard about people traveling [...]

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Massimo Manzi: Medical Tourism in Costa Rica

Costa Rica, a leading dental tourism destination, has been working since 2004 to obtain this title. The Costa Rican Minister of Competitiveness, with the help of Massimo Manzi, has been exploring, studying, and strengthening the dental and medical tourism industry in Costa Rica.   In this interview, Manzi, the Executive Director of the [...]

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Dr. Juan Pablo Nanagas: The Asian Eye Institute

Headquartered in Manila, Philippines, The Asian Eye Institute, is a leader in ophthalmic surgery and treatments. The Institute brings cutting-edge technology and innovation to the region through sophisticated eye care service delivery models. The Asian Eye Institute offers state-of-the-art ophthalmic care to both Filipinos and international patients.   Dr. Juan Pablo Nanagas and Dr. Patricia [...]

Stefan D’Hone: Medical Travel Opportunities in Greece

Despite the economic troubles in Greece, Stefan d’Hone, Managing Partner of German Communication Xperts (GCX), is optimistic about the medical tourism market in Greece.   The medical tourism market in Greece is still strong because the country has high quality medical procedures available at lower costs than competing countries.   Mr. d’Hone works [...]

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Medical Travel Show: Elizabeth talks Medical Travel Agencies and International Health Benefits

Medical Tourism refers to the process of patients traveling to other countries to receive care. It’s quite common for people to travel to the United States, Canada, or other countries to receive the health benefits of specialists there. Also, people from those same countries will often travel to less expensive areas to receive the [...]

Pam Frank: Academic Medical Centers

Academic medical centers in the United States have led the global healthcare travel market for years. Pam Frank, the Chief International Officer at Minnesota International Medicine, has been an observer and researcher involved in global healthcare for years. In this interview, Ms. Frank discusses the historical perspective and future of the U.S. position [...]

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Dr. Arlen Meyers: Medical Travel Markets

  Dr. Arlen Meyers is a recognized leader in medical entrepreneurship, and was an early innovator in international medical travel. He is a professor of otolaryngology at University of Colorado Medical School, the founder of the Society of Physician Entrepreneurs, and the founder of Medvoy, a healthcare referral portal. Dr. Meyers took time [...]

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Trevor Gunn: Medical Technology in Medical Tourism

Trevor Gunn is the Managing Director of International Relations for Medtronic, the largest medical technology company on the planet with a deep understanding of universal healthcare challenges.   Mr. Gunn has a distinct perspective on certain populations and their healthcare across developed and developing countries. He is passionate about issues of equal access [...]

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Paul McTaggart: Dental Departures

Patients seeking dental care represent 50% of medical tourism consumers, yet dental care abroad was not always easy to find. Just ask, Paul McTaggart, CEO and founder of Dental Departures.   In this interview McTaggart explains the personal experience that led to foundation of this business. “I had been [...]