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COVID-19 Resources for Airlines and Air Transport Professionals

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) sets standards for airline companies around the world. Its "Medical Manual" contains essential information for any organization engaged in travel. The recently updated Manual contains information about COVID-19 standards, temperature screenings, passenger restrictions, and more. Click here to access your copy. Download Article [...]

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Pharmacists’ role in “Medication without harm”

Pharmacists play a vital role in contributing to the health and safety of patients around the world. Preventing and reducing medication errors is just one example of the contribution that pharmacists make. This report from the International Federation of Pharmacists, (FIP, https://www.fip.org/) takes a global look at the ways pharmacists are contributing to better [...]

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A study of the problems and challenges faced by medical tourists visiting India

In 2011, the Indian Institute of Tourism and Travel Management published "A study of the problems and challenges faced by medical tourists visting India". This comprehensive survey of international health travelers to India highlights common problems faced by medical tourists in general as well as issues specific to India. Download Article [...]

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Your rights to treatment in Europe

The EU Proposal for a Directive on patient’s rights in cross border healthcare provides an added stimulus to the already growing number of EU medical tourists who seek hospital treatment elsewhere in the European Union. Treatment Abroad has published a guide called "Your rights to treatment in Europe" explaining how international health travelers can explore [...]

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