Accreditation programs for hospitals, clinics, and facilitators

Since 2010, Temos Worldwide has certified hospitals, clinics, and facilitators on four continents focusing on the patient experience for international patients, medical tourists, and healthcare travelers from initial contact through post-discharge follow-up.

Currently there are more than 75 Temos accredited providers and the number of satisfied customers is growing rapidly.

By applying rigorous, evidence based standards as well as international best business practices for clinical and nonclinical services, Temos set the standard for other to follow. Its accreditation programs are administered with a culturally sensitive approach, taking into consideration the needs of medical travelers as well as providers. Temos is the global leader with a proven track record of success for its clients.

Stronger together

In 2017, Medical Tourism Training entered into a strategic partnership with Temos as its Regional Representative for the United States, Caribbean, Mexico, Central and South America. By combining forces, the two companies offer a full array of services concentrating on helping providers deliver quality solutions to become thriving organizations that serve international patients. These services include:

Our teams are ready to work collaboratively with you to achieve your goals serving medical tourists.

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