About Redi4Patients™

Assessing the Total Patient Experience with Redi4Patients™

How many prospective patients do you lose every day? Do you know if your marketing tools are attracting customers and turning them into patients or sending them to your competitors? Need to improve your patient services but are not sure where to begin?

Redi4Patients is the first-of-its-kind systematic and thorough business tool to evaluate and measure the patient experience. Created by Medical Tourism Training, Inc., an independently owned training and consulting company dedicated to the health travel sector, Redi4Patients™ is designed with all of your customers in mind—patients, accompanying family members and friends, staff and prospective clients. This comprehensive evaluation will give you the answers you need to improve your patient experience to successfully compete for the patients you want to serve and to grow your health care organization.

Redi4Patients offers:

  • An evaluation of the effectiveness of your web site, telephone and email customer service systems, as well as marketing materials.
  • An on-site assessment of your patient experience from arrival to departure, and everything in between.
  • A comprehensive report pinpointing what needs improvement, what is working well and suggested next steps to enhance services.

Based on international best business practices as well as the demonstrated record of success of our experts, the Redi4Patients assessment is immediately available for:

  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Physician practices
  • Dental clinics and practices
  • Ophthalmologist practices and clinics
  • Rehabilitation services
  • And other health care providers

Let our experts conduct an independent assessment of the total patient experience offered by your organization. When you receive the results, you will know that you are Redi4Patients! Ready to get started? Contact us now!

Still have questions? Here is more information about the benefits of the Redi4Patients program as well as Frequently Asked Questions.

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